The Winter take over 

As the last of the last of the golden leaves fall off the once lush green trees leaving them all bare and naked we bitterly welcome the early dark nights making us feel more tired and drained of the much needed energy we get from natural sun light. The frosty cold winds start to become part of the norm as we go about our normal everyday lives making it harder to walk against it. Catching our breaths and almost knocking us out with how it cuts off the air supply with gusts of winds. 
We welcome the eternal emptiness that is winter as everything starts to look bare and all animal life retreats for much more warmer places. We retreat ourselves most of the time in this time of year as our bodies wish to stay in the dry and warm. Our gas prices seem to be at an all time high too as we try to get as much power from the heat sources as we can. 

Yes this time of year can seem to be one of the most dullest and hard months of the year but as we sit their freezing our butts off we also look forward to spring and what it offers. Lush green trees and beautiful colourful flowers. Winter is a bitter season but it is a time to reflect on the year and also can be a time for us to prepare for the coming year and what we wish for the new year to bring for us. This is why we have new year’s resolutions. The planet also has a time of renewal as it prepares for spring. The trees shed their leaves ready for new greener ones and flowers dye out ready for new seedlings to be born. 

Winter is a time or newal not just a time of sorrow and bitterness remember that and you can carry on through the harsh and miserable term. 


Sonic Forces review (spoilers)

First of all I have to say I am in love with the story line of the game. I think for the first time in sonic history Dr Eggman has actually succeeded in defeating sonic the hedgehog and taken over the world. In the start of the game you play as up to date sonic as you race through the first stage to get to city where Eggman is attacking Tails and a few of Sonics friends. It is at this point that Eggman reveals his ultimate new weapon, a being called Infinite. 
At this point shadow, chaos, metal sonic and zavok show up to help bring sonic to his knees. With sonic out and captured by Eggman he is able to rule the world. A resistance is formed 6 months after the events of Sonics defeat and another first in sonic history is a new character is brought in. A totally custom character which you design and create. This character, you, are referred to by the others as the rookie and are sent out on different missions. It is thought by the others that sonic is dead. It is quickly discovered however that he is actually alive just captured on the death egg. It is then up to the new heroe to try and rescue him. While the heroe is on th death egg he/she manages to short out the power long enough for sonic to escape and defeat zavok. Upon zavoks defeat a sound is heard and he is disappears. Its the same sound that infinite has when he uses his powers. Its the first hint we get that infinite created the beings that defeated sonic before. However before sonic can think the death egg starts to give out alarms and sonic must escape. Sonic then meets up with the heroe as he/she is being cornered and they make their escape from the death egg. During the rescue of up to date sonic there arw stages with the classic sonic as he rescues tails from chaos and then goes after eggman.

The game play and story revolves around the up to date sonic, classic sonic and the new character that you create. The story takes a lot of twists as they try to figure out the source of infinites powers. 

They soon discover that the shadow from before who was helping Eggman was actually a fake and so was metal sonic, chaos and zavok. It is when modern day sonic goes up against shadow that they discover this because just before the battle begins the real shadow shows up and destroys the fake shadow in a matter of seconds. Shadow then explains the fairness of all of them. It is later discovered that is all due to something called the phantom ruby and virtual reality is how infinite is able to do all of this. Tails and classic sonic over a plan of eggmans that occurs I three days. Although they never actually hear what it is they know the time frame.

The plan happens to be infinite creating a sun and plummeting it into the ground where the heroes are. There is only one way that the event can be stopped and that is by the character you created. When silver faced of against infinite a shard of the phantom ruby fell off and thus when the character picked it up the gem bonded to it. The character then has to race to the sun to reverse the effects of what infinite has done. Of course the heroe succeeds and the final face off between infinite begins. 

Of course Eggman didn’t leave all this eggs in one basket and had another ruby placed in one of his robots and it’s this robot that all three heroes, mobern sonic, classic sonic and the new character must face off against. 

Its a brilliant story line and there once again there is so much sarcasm from all characters that it makes for a fun packed adventure. The game play is hard to get used to and I would reccomend when playing as classic sonic that you use the d pad on your remote instead of the analogue stick. It makes for a much more smooth game play that way and brings back so many memories of old sonic games. Another great thing about this game is that on some levels you can tell where the old sonic games meets the new up to date one. In one stage where you face against Eggman there is a version of his giant swinging ball attack which if you played sonic you will remember from green hill zone. That’s another good point is that the names of the zones are pretty cool too you have green hill and chemical plant and zones within those areas. Its very much a much needed mordern twist on the old classics. They really did well on this game. 

So after you complete the main game as a free DLC there is something called episode shadow which revolves around before the events of the game and shows how infinite came to be. It shows that it was infact shadow that made infinite the way he is. After an Eggman bass attack by shadow and a take down of a high mercenary squad leader ,who later became infinite, he vowed vengeance on the world after he just was shown to be weak infront of shadow. 

The game is play of this DLC is short but just like the game it is amazing and gives much needed insight to who the character of infinitie is out for revenge in the first place. 

Over all I loved the game play and I loved the story line that went with it. I have always been a great sonic fan and the guys at sega didn’t disappoint when they made this game I hope they continue to make more like this. I also hope they bring back the character making choice in future games as having your own take on a creature in the sonic world is an amazing idea and the weapons the character had was awesome too. Good job sega!

5/5 stars from me 

I don’t think I blog enough 

So as the title says I am thinking that I do not blog enough and it saddens me because I love to write and I feel that blogging is a great way to get your writing stuff out there. 

I want to start blogging more regularly on many different topics that I feel strongly for or just a general blog about random things I find. So from here on out I will try to blog a lot more and see how it takes me. 

Does anyone else get like this? Or is it just me that has moments in life where they find that they do not blog enough? I am curious to know your reactions guys so please drop me a comment on how you feel about it and would be good to know that I am not the only who doesn’t blog as often as I would. 

Body confidence and The power of K 

Ok so I am not going to totally blame the Kardisian and Jennar sisters for what is wrong with the world today but they sure do not help when they are constantly in the media in next to nothing and have no meat on their bones. I mean I know that super models of the world have to be what… A size zero to be what the media called desirable. Well I have a news flash for the media no one wants to be a size a size zero and that kinda image your giving off to young girls and woman is seriously damaging to their mental health. You wonder why girls have low confidence issues and why they are constantly going on about their weight well maybe it is because they see all the time these size zero women and they feel like they should be like that. Now I know that men do not help when they go out their and they buy those dirty magazines like zoo or something like that where the lady’s are size zero and in next to nothing but in reality that’s not actually what they want. They just see those kind of women as odjects and that’s not what you want young men to grow up to be like but you still do it. We live in a world where sex sells and it is totally wrong. I ask you media people have you stopped and asked the K sisters how they feel on major subjects or what they feel passionate about other than make up or fashion? I bet you haven’t because all your interested in what they look like or how much their name is worth now in the papers you sell. It just baffles me how we live in this world now where people have to get naked or when sleep with someone to get noticed in the media world. It’s disgusting.

So I have touched on the women aspect on it. Now I am a bloke and a gay bloke at that and you would think that as a community that we would be more understanding of these things but nope I can tell you now that the gay world is actually even worse. If you are not a muscle toned guy, a skinny little twink or a hairy guy then you have got no chance of fitting on the looks side. Now let’s talk about fashion because let’s face it if your not up to date on the latest trends in shoes, t shirts or the the latest gaga or Britney song then you have no chance of fitting in either. Its like if you cant keep with the high standards of the gay scene then you get left behind. I am not one of the people and do not follow fashion or trends or music so I am at loss and I am not one to go to the clubs either so I am an out cast in my own community all because I am different and yes I have had it pointed more than once that I will never fit in because I am not cool or popular or I don’t follow the style. Well I have two words to that fuck you. I was not put on this earth to follow anyone and guess my lovely people neither was you. 

You have the potential to be different and to break the mold just like I have yeah it may not get you a lot of friends and you may feel left out but that’s when you turn to the other people out like me. The out casts. The over weight, chocolate loving, cookie munching, Netflix watching, youtubing gaming nerds. It may not get you a lot of likes on Instagram or Twitter but the thing is the likes you do get will be from people who actually want to see more of the content you create and they will want to see you. I do not think K sisters know all of the people follow them and I do not think they have the time to get to know the followers either. But the thing is with being a small time social nerd is you can do what you want to do and if people call you fat and call you a loser you have the option to day well kiss my ass I’m still going to be doing what I do. Your body is your body never be ashamed of it. Sorry this was a little bit of rant and I do apologise if this was a rant at the K sisters I do admire what they do because they have gone far in life but I just wish they would do more with the power that they have now and maybe bring it all to a good cause. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog if you did and want to have your say please a comment in box below. Love you all and peace out xx 

The magical world of Harry Potter 

A birthday surprise! 

The lead up to the WB london tour I had no idea what my fella had in store for me. In fact he had managed to keep it a total secret until the time. The only information I got came the week before my birthday where he said it involved a train ride and I would need spending money. All sorts of things was going through my mind as to what it could be. I had my head maybe its game convention or a youtubers one but it never crossed my mind it would be the harry potter tour. It was a wonderful surprise when I saw the bus that takes you there. 

 A mishap of a journey

So as we had gotten ready to go, had showers, packed my usual bus pass, smoking material and wallet (not that I needed my wallet in the end). We all set to go. We thought we would get the number 18 bus to Northfield high street and then the 63 as the x64 had changed its root and as far as we knew it wouldn’t stop at the train station. So that was the plan. Now chris had booked tickets for the train in advance and so we needed to be at the train station for a specific time. 1.30 pm to be exact. Of course, however, the bus jounrey to the train station was a total nightmare (as seems to be the way lately with travel westmidland buses, total joke they are). The bus decided to stop on a five min break not once but twice and then we had to stop at every single stop. As you can very well imagine we missed the train by a minute so it wasnt off to a good start. At this point I still had no idea where we was going so I was going with the flow. It was at this point I knew we was going to london, watford junction as it stated on the ticket chris passed to me. Having missed the train chris had to get another set of tickets which was over £100 which I find totally ridiculous for a one way train journey but he was determined not to spoil the day. In fact chris began to stress so much I thought I would have panic attack. He kept on saying that he wanted the day to go off with out a hitch and that we need to get there in time so as not to ruin the surprise of the day. We got there just in time to get on the tour bus and we was off. 

Entering the magic

Now that we had arrived it was full steam a head and my god was there loads to see. If you want to see all the photos then go check out all the pictures we took on my instagram page whisper of a thought. It amazed me how much work really goes into making a movie. There are so many different levels of creative minds that create such a magical and mystical world. I know that the books was where it all started and the honour of that has to go to JK herself but when the movies came around there was so many different that bring those words in a book to life. It really was a magical day and it sort of has rekimdled my love for writing again. The imagination of both the books and movies is truley a powerful thing. Well done to all those that made that world as magical and fun as it is. 

Opposite houses

If you have ever been on the pottermore website then you will know that you can be put into one of the four houses of hogwarts. My house is Slytherine and Chris’s house is Gryffindor. I find it totally funny that two people in love have the opposite houses to each other and whats even more funny is that chris Patronus is a snake. I can not remember what mine is but its funny because the animal of my house is a snake too.

The gift shop

There was loads of wonderful things in the gift shop, however, we thought it would be highly amusing to get scalfs and ties that represented our houses just so that people if they saw us together would be like the hell lol. Another great gift that we both got was wands. I decided on narcissas’s wond and chris went for a death eater’s wand (again totaly funny comsidering his house). 

Over a magical day

So we may have gotten off to a rocky start but in the end it was totally amazing to be there and to see the wonderful and magical things that the creaters have created. I would so recommend that anyone wanting a good day out should go and see the tour. 

Getting noticed in an image obsessed world! 

The endless cycle 

So I am sat here just flicking through social media and all I see is people posing pictures of themselves in their underwear. Now I am not saying that having some eye candy is a thing I come on ladies we all love a bit of male flesh every now and then, however, it accurs to me that it has become of an obsession for some people to look a certain way so that they attract more attention to their social media network. It maybe work for a lot of people out there in there but what about those of us who have serious issues with their bodies? What about the people who dont like to show their flesh to get attention?

The creative mind…

So what about people like me who have so many creative ideas but does not have the body or the looks to get the media attention to spark those ideas off into the world? Well I like to believe with dedication and a strong will to succeed I think anyone can achieve anything they want to and we do not have to have the latest trends or be a size zero to get the right media attention to get our ideas out there. 

Is this just all a dream?

What do you guys think? Can achieve big in a media world thats full of people who are image obsessed? Or are we forever going to be in the back row because we do not fit in with the social clicks or we do not look right. 

I would love to hear your views on this matter and I would also like to raise awareness to the fact that no matter what we look like or no matter how much we do not fit in to the media box we can still dream big and our ideas and hopes can become real if we work hard enough. 

So let me know what you guys think or feel in the comment section… 

Organised Plan, Organised Mind

This is an atricle that I had to for my english class. I was asked to write the text of a leaflet intended to persuade GCSE English students to adopt an organised approach to their course.

Getting Ahead

Being prepared to start your lesson is like starting your day. There are a few things that we all do at the start of each morning to help set us up for the rest of the day. Weather that be having a coffee, having breakfast, going for a run, or all three. We all start the day as we mean to go on. It should come as no surprise then that we should also have a plan of action when comes to our course work. There are some main ingredients that all students should have at the ready at the start of any course. They are:

  • Pens, Pencils and highlighters
  • Folders to put work in
  • A whole punch for the work sheets or Poly Pockets
  • Dividers to section each part of the course work
  • Sticky notes to have handy in case you urgent notes on work
  • A diary to make sure that your on top of work and when the next lot of homework should be in by
  • And of course a handy big bag to have this all in.

These are the essential things every student must have if they really want to get ahead of the course and stay on track of all of the work that will be coming their way.

Remember me Not

Having said that all students must have all these things another thing that a student must have is an organised mind and home. Now we all know if you are an adult learner then that is almost impossible to do if you have kids, a job or a house to maintain. So that is why a diary is also a key thing to have at the ready because then you are able to keep on track of what is to come. It also helps if you pick a time and day when you know you have free to do the homework. For example when the kids have gone to bed and you do not have work the next day or when all the chores are done around the house and all the bills are paid. You need to have a relaxing atmosphere upon which to work so that you can remember all the details upon which you have to do.

Seeing it through!

As in life we all have to grit and bear as they say. It can be said for an English GCSE course as well. It may seem hard and at times feel like we want to give up. However being organised with our work and with our planning helps at great deal in enabling us to get the best results we can. It is a good idea to come prepared and to come organised to every lesson you have.

I would love to hear your views on this topic if you have any then please them in the comments below!

Kingsman: The golden circle (some spoilers) 

Well what can I say other than what a fantastic film. I loved the first film and they have managed to keep it up with this one. 

With high action and funny acting it is a must watch if you like that sort of thing. It does appeal to every bit of the audience. 

This one does take a slightly more darker tone with the death of nearly all of the kingsman it is kinda sad when you fell in love with the characters from the first film but it does make it up for it when you discover that Harry from the first film who was shot dead was actually rescued and brought back or rather they got to him in the nick of time and did some weird science stuff to save his life. 

It does surprise me that they have managed to create another way that a maniac of the world has managed to find a way to bring the world to its knees once more. We also discover that while the kingaman is an english agency there is an american version who hide behind a booze making side rather a suite making side. As you can imagine the names are so funny. You have agent tequila and agent whiskey to name two its rather funny when you think of all the names they could have.

For me it wss the high the action yet comedy value they manage to keep with the film again just like the first movie. Now I do not want to spoil to much from those who are reading this but lets just say you will not be disapponted when it comes to the acting nor the fast pace and energy that the film generates and of course that sarcastic wit and charm that the characters have. 

I would rate the film a five out five and must see for you film fanatics out there. 

21 years!

21 years 

So it has been a massive 21 years since the day I almost lost my life. I am pretty sure I have done I have done a blog about this before many years ago but it always nice to look back and reflect on life and on something that has had such an impact on your life. Some people may say it is morbid to do so but in my case I do not think so because it reminds me of how far I have actually come in life and what could have happened. 

The accident 

So on September 16th 1996 my life changed forever when I went to play in the park with a friend. It was the first time my mother had ever let me out to play on my own. I was only 7 at the time and I was her first born son so naturally as a mother she was very protective of me but no one could have foreseen what was to come. After playing in the park which opposite us. The only thing that separated the block of flats and the park was a road. All we had to do was cross back over. My friend managed to get over the road just fine and it was my turn to cross. I had looked both ways, as my mom had told me to do, and the car had slowed down so I assumed it had it was to let me go. I started to walk across. Now I do not know if the car saw me or not but I walked right into them with some force that I felled to the ground. After getting back I felt this immense pain in my right leg so I fell back down once more and this time hit the left side of my head on the curb of the road side. I must also point out that this has all been told me because I do not remember any of it just the feeling of that pain in my leg when ever I think about it. The next part I am told happened so quickly. I am so lucky that a fireman who was off duty was in the car behind them and he rushed out and did some emergancy stuff and called the ambulance I think. I am also told that I bled out of my ear which is a good thing because if I hadn’t I would have formed a blood clot on the brain. I was rushed into hospital where they worked effortlessly to save my life. 

The years  after 

Now the years that followed after the road accident are a total blur as I do not have a good memory but I had to learn everything all over again and from the age of 8, having spent my 8th birthday in hospital, it was a total struggle to learn it all so quickly and also try to keep up with the kids of my year. Even now at the age of 28 I still struggle with memory issues and sometimes I forget what I am meant to be doing and I am just that little bit slower than everyone else at picking things up. It is a struggle to try to keep with up people and my attention span can be hard sometimes too. 

A message to people

Having gone through what I have and learned what I have over the years. Also trying to deal with everything life throws at me I have a message for people out there. If I can survive that and still be here and I can learn from it then you guys can too. Another message is this please do not take life for granted, yes it may seem hard and difficult but it could be worse and you could be the one now lying in that hospital bed fighting for your life or it could be your child there. Please grab life for it is and love those who show you love and even those who dont. Help those people who need help because no one and I mean no one is better than anyone else. We all struggle and we all have things we have ro deal with. My issues and my situation is no more horrible than anyone elses and I will aleays strive to help people who want my help. I surived for a reason and I believe it was to help. 

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