Poems from an Aspie vol 2! 

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It was an amazing evening 

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Another general election? 

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Mental Health!!

First off all I must point out that is my own views and my own experiences and yours very well may very different from mine and if it is then please feel to comment and share your experiences after all this is a subject very close to my heart and we should all try to help each other. Now that I have said that lets got on with the blog then shall we.

So a lot of things come to mind when people talk about mental health and a lot of that is that it needs to be brushed under the curpet and not talked about or that once it has been talked about a few times then thats it, it should not be spoken about again. Well I am here to say that is a load of crap!!. Mental Health is a very serious thing and it needs to be talked about for however long it takes because I hate to break it to people but it never goes away and it always evolving and changing day after day. For me I suffer with autism, which I have already spoken about in a previous blog, and I also suffer from depression as well. So my moods can very much change from day to day and even from hour to hour. One minute I can feel fine and ready to face the day no matter what life throws and in the next breath I can feel like the world is against me and I feel like if I step outside then something is going to go wrong. It can also affect the way interact with people. Take my partner for example they could be talking to me as if it was a normal day but I will be snapping at them for no reason at all other than my mood as changed and I can not control them. There has been no end of times that I have had ago for no reason. Well there has been a reason at the time but it was so small but because of the mental health side of me it has blown up inside my head and I have just had a massive go.

Mental Health affects us in many different ways and it can be so difficult to face each day when the bad days hit and when you have to do things that can be even worse. I know that in life we have to carry on but what annoys me even more is that people tell us that we are just being over dramatic and that our Mental Health shouldnt be talked about really. We should remain quite and not speak about what affects us. Well I say enough is enough and we should speak out about what our mental health issues are and we should be allowed to talk them freely with whom ever we like for how long we like. W

At the end of the day we are all people. People keep on pushing on to us that we need to take care our bodies but infact to have a healthy body we also need to have a healthy mind too. We should talk more about what our issues are not matter what our mental health is. So come on people. Stand with me. Speak up. Let me know what your stories are and if you need help wth mental health issues then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me and I will be more than glad to help. Together we can help each other.

Live, Laugh, Love.

Your annoying Blogger… Whisper of a thought…


Right so I am not normally the person to just to explode and let it all out over the internet but this has been building up inside of me for many years now and with the way politics is and the news has been doing things of late I think its about time we all raised our voices and this is where I am going to raise my voice let it all out.

First all lets talk about this NHS being privatised business shall we. Now I have kept my mouth shut so far as a blogger on this subject but no more. The way I see it if they have their way, by they I mean the Tory goverment, people like your every day Joe blogs such as me will then have to pay for my own care. So what happens then if a young boy has head smashed in by a car and his left fighting for his life and the family cant pay for the care? are the medical staff of the NHS just meant to just let that young child die then is that your saying Miss May? because guess what you evil cow that is exactly what happened to me and I am very lucky to be alive and if was not for the NHS I would not be here. I would love for you to sit down and look me in the eyes and tell me you would let that happen Miss May because if you would I would like see you in hand cuffs and behind bars. How dare you deny someone like that the care they need just because you want more money so you buy your houses or what ever you need it for.

Now on to the media, ok so it is no secret they get paid to write things. As a writer, which I love doing and I do not need to get paid to do it lets just make that clear, I get really frustrated that someone who has not written a day in their lives manages to get in to the papers just because “oh my husband left me for another woman” or “Oh I married a train station” I mean how stupid are these stories and yet they manage to make the headlines of the papers or on social media. How, I mean how do they do it. I have been writing for many years. I wrote to a news paper a few months back with a few of my ideas and to this day I am still waiting to hear back from them. I find it really stupif that someone like this Cash me Ousside girl can manage to get such a following with little brain power and yet there is likes of me who is full of wonderful and creative ideas that might actually benefit the world because I want to help but oh no I get pushed aside for these air heads who only want the fame and the glory so they can get use it to get money. I tell you what if I ever became famous from my skills as a writer or if I began to work for a newspaper I would use my power to help people end of I would not write what they wanted me to write I would do things to help people because that is what I set out to do in life. I discovered that is what I wanted do a long time ago and I will not lower that for anyone.

Back on to Miss May this woman really makes me angry with what she is planning to do the country I mean I have seen it for myself with people around me with them losing their disability money and being put on PIP only to be denied it. What is she playing at taking away peoples lives. People are killing themselves because of what she is doing. I really hope the country has sense and does not vote those vermin back into power and when they lose I would hope to god there is some kind of police invesigation and the lot of them are put up on charges and arrested. It is about time we had a voice and we used it.

I am so fed up of the way things are being done around here. I think a lot of things need to change. Not just in goverment. I think the media needs a shake up to and also the news papers and also social media to. It is about time we, the geeneral public, actually had a say in the way things are done in our sountry.

Live, Love, Laugh.

Your annoying blogger… Whisper of a thought…